Reflective defib cabinet stickers

Posted on 12 October 2020

Is your defib cabinet looking a little tired?

Writing/Logo peeling off?  Looking a bit battered by the elements?  If it’s still in good working order, why not spruce it back up with one of our brilliant reflective stickers!

Reflective stickers

We have introduced a reflective element to these new stickers so they really standout, especially at night, and with winter fast approaching this is timely.

From football pitches and sport centres with winter activities taking place, to sitting outside the local corner shop, these reflective stickers are ideal and give the defibrillator cabinet real visibility. We also manufacturer 3D metal signs so your defibrillator can be easily found from a distance, these are suitable for both internal and external use, see here.

We’ve created a mini video to show how bright they really are!  Check it out here…

Defibrillator Sign designed by BHF and Resuscitation Council

Turtle hold a licence to use the sticker design, which is was created and approved by the BHF and Resuscitation Council.  The image and message have been designed to reinforce the message that anyone can use the defib in an emergency and the defib is easy to use, just by following the instructions.

However, we can customise the print to something more relevant to your community if you wish – just get in touch for pricing here or give us a call on 01327 220722.

The sticker can be applied to any colour defib cabinet, with either a lock or handle. The sticker comes with an applicator for fitting.  Please note, the lock will need removing during the fitting process.