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Using a defibrillator for the first time

Using a defibrillator
Posted on 20 April 2020

We are all a little nervous of the unknown and using a defibrillator for the first time in a real emergency is something that not many people have experienced. The good news is, whether you have been trained…

Our technical cabinet ratings explained

Our technical ratings explained
Posted on 15 April 2020

Why should you trust Turtle defib cabinets? 10 year warranty Well firstly, we have a 10 year warranty on the cabinets.  So if they don’t last (they will, we’ve not had to replace a cabinet that has disintegrated…

What is a cardiac arrest?

Sudden cardiac arrest
Posted on 7 April 2020

Our guest blog writer this week is First Responder and trainer Jill Bland.  She’s been working in the emergency services since 2013 and has been kind enough to give us some insight into cardiac arrests and the need…