About Us

Where it started

Turtle Engineering Ltd worked closely with Cardiac Science and Community First Responder Groups to develop a safe way to store Defibrillators in publically accessible locations.

Originally designed as “all weather” cabinets to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions in the UK, the cabinets proved to be just as in demand for indoor use. This was due to their high visibility and protection of the Defibrillator equipment.

Turtle Engineering Ltd understand that each different group may have different needs from a cabinet. So we have designed them to be flexible and easily personalised or adapted to our customer’s requirement.

Every Turtle Engineering cabinet is constructed in the UK using local businesses to complete different stages of the build. We are a family business and really believe in the good that our Cabinets can do in the community. We provide ongoing support and understand how critical it is that the Defibrillator Cabinets performs 24-7. It is not acceptable for one to fail as this could damage a Defibrillator. We offer servicing contracts to look after your box, or we can provide support to local volunteers who opt to look after their own cabinet.

Defibrillator cabinets explained

Defibrillator cabinets are a highly visible, secure way to store publically accessible Defibrillators in any environment. For instance, in the case of a heart attack, for every minute that passes without defibrillation, the chances of survival drop by 7-10%. After 10 minutes, survival is unlikely. Therefore, it is critical to have Defibrillators in areas where an ambulance could take more than 5 minutes to arrive. They must also be highly visible and easy to access. Keeping your Defibrillator locked away in a first aid room is of no use in a crisis.

Turtle Engineering’s cabinets have various locking options to suit every environment. For example, our combination locks prevent the Defibrillator being stolen. These also provide a quick way for 999 operators to grant access to the public. For internal use no locks are required. Alarms can be included to provide an audible warning that the cabinet has been opened. Alternatively, we can fit a key lock with a “Break Glass” key safe.

Who needs a Defibrillator cabinet?

Quite simply, everyone. For instance, every village, town and city, sports establishment, shopping centre, museum, tourist attraction. With safe access to Defibrillators for everyone, no single person will ever be too far from one. As a result, the public can become instant life savers by simply using a Defibrillator.

Who can use one?

Everyone can use a Turtle Engineering Defibrillator cabinet. They are above all, designed to be used by any member of the public with no training. The Defibrillator will take you through the process step by step to help you to save a life.