Defibrillator Cabinets

Defibrillator cabinets, also known as defib cabinets, are housing units for storing defibrillator devices. Defibrillators can help save an individual who is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, and their use can be potentially life-saving. However, to ensure they are stored safely and securely, many people store them in defib cabinets. Defibrillator cabinets not only keep devices safe from damage or being tampered with but also make them easier to locate owing to their bright yellow appearance. 

Protecting defibrillators against vandalism, theft and natural damage is essential to ensure they are available, easy to access and in good working order. As medical emergencies happen with little notice, you need peace of mind that your defibrillator is safely stored in your defib cabinet. It is essential to use the correct type of defib cabinet if you are storing your device outside. Heated and insulated cabinets can help further protect your devices from harsh weather. As the risk of theft or vandalism increases with outdoor storage, you may wish to consider a locked cabinet to ensure a robust solution. 

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