Replacement Defibrillator Pads

When every second counts and quick action is required, defibrillators are a vital piece of equipment to help restore a heartbeat. Ensuring your defibrillators are in good working order is paramount to ensure their effective use in cardiac emergencies. Expected wear and tear can affect the quality of defibrillator pads. As they age or are used, the adhesive on the defibrillator pads can deteriorate. Which could mean that they may not stick to the skin efficiently. This is why you must regularly check your pads to ensure they are not faulty or damaged. 

Emergencies happen when we least expect them and with little notice. Ensuring equipment is always ready for use is crucial. Faulty defibrillator pads could lead to delayed or ineffective treatment and could be the difference between life and death when a cardiac emergency occurs. If the defibrillator pads can not stick to the skin sufficiently, it may prevent the defibrillator from giving life-saving treatment to regulate the heartbeat. To help guarantee your defibrillators are always ready and delivering the best performance, you should regularly check your defibrillator pads. You should also replace them at the intervals set out in the manufacturer’s guidelines and It is advisable to consider keeping additional replacement defibrillator pads nearby. 

At Turtle Engineering, we offer a variety of replacement defibrillator pads. Our range includes defibrillator pads for both children and adults. Our extensive range of defibrillator pads are suitable for many different defibrillator models and adhere securely to the skin to transmit electrical impulses to deliver effective treatment. Browse our replacement defibrillator pads to find the right solution for you. If you have any questions or would like assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d be happy to help.