Understanding our cabinets (including comparison chart)

Posted on 18 July 2023

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of defibrillator and bleed cabinets we have an extensive range of products to suit every situation. This, understandably, can make it hard to know which cabinet is right for you. This post is a guide to our cabinets and the differences between them.

If you are still unsure which cabinet is best suited to your needs then don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your options with us.

We also offer an explainer on the various customisation options we can offer you, to better suit your cabinet to your requirements.


We offer three main sizes of cabinet:

Outdoor Cabinets

Heated Outdoor Cabinets

Maintaining a constant environment is essential to keep your defibrillator in good condition. Therefore, our larger defib cabinets AWC001, AWC003, and AWC007 are fully heated with a 150W fan assisted heater and a hydrostat monitoring temperature and moisture. By contrast the smaller form models AWC002 and AWC006 have only a 50W passive heater. All these cabinets are therefore well suited to being left outside but require a constant 230v a.c. electrical connection.

Outdoor cabinets without a conventional electrical connection

Because this is not always possible in remote areas, we designed the Solar & Wind Defibrillator Cabinet to be completely self-sufficient. It uses both methods of producing electricity and it’s internal battery to power itself. Alternatively, the AWC004-ins provides a less technological solution. It is an insulated but unheated small form defibrillator cabinet suitable for outdoor use. Nonetheless we would always recommend a heated cabinet where possible.

Finally, the AWC001-24v is specially adapted for use in old telephone boxes, running a 30W thermostat off the standard BT 24v connection (which lacks an earth).

Indoor Cabinets

Our unheated cabinets are predominantly designed for indoor use but can also be used outdoors in certain circumstances (please contact us for further advice).

Our small white Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet is our simplest cabinet, it features a clear Perspex front, magnetic door, and battery powered alarm as standard. The AWC004 and AWC005 are more conventional metal cabinets like the rest of our range. The difference between the two is the locking mechanism.


We sell two kinds of door mechanism – locked and unlocked. An unlocked cabinet is recommended by the British Heart Foundation and provides faster access in case of emergency; however, a lock ensures that the defibrillator will be safe from vandalism or accidental damage and will therefore always be available for use. Whichever you choose rest assured that Turtle Engineering’s quality construction process will keep your defibrillator safe from the elements.

Bleed Kits and Combined Cabinets

We offer several of our cabinets as combined defib and bleed kit cabinets. This means that they feature clear graphics showing they contain both a defibrillator and a bleed control kit. We also sell bleed control stickers that you can amend to your existing cabinet when you add a bleed kit.

Comparison Table