How long will it take my Defibrillator cabinet to be delivered?

Every cabinet is custom built specifically for you, this means your order can take up to 3 weeks, although they are normally delivered a lot quicker than that. We do try and keep a small stock of the more popular configurations and colours for immediate dispatch.

How do I order?

Please send us an email, fill in our Contact Us form or call us to place an order. We will email you an invoice which contains the full payment details. Payment is required before your cabinet is dispatched.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, for large orders we can offer wholesale prices, this will depend on the specific model and design of the cabinets and the quantity you require, so please contact us for more details.

How much does it cost to run a Defibrillator cabinet?

Cabinets with heating or lighting require an electricity supply. The actual amount of energy used is hard to predict, as it is dependent on the weather and location of the cabinet. We suggest budgeting £1 a month / £12 a year to cover the electricity used.

What is the code for my cabinet lock?

The code is attached to the power cable, if you have misplaced your code please contact us with the serial number of your cabinet, found on the side of the cabinet and on the inside door panel.