Bleed & Tourniquet Kit Elements

A comprehensive Bleed & Tourniquet Kit is essential for emergency medical situations, providing crucial aid for those wanting to control severe bleeding. Restocking a bleed kit and replacing your tourniquet kit ensures it remains prepared to address life-threatening bleeding emergencies effectively, maintains regulatory compliance, and provides responders with the necessary tools and confidence to act decisively in crisis situations.

At Turtle Engineering, we stock all the essential elements of a Bleed & Tourniquet Kit including disposable gloves, dressings, protective gloves, gauze and tourniquet (emergency and tactical options available). What is a tourniquet? A tourniquet is a device that applies pressure to an arm or leg to control blood flow. As an effective way to prevent blood loss, a tourniquet is a vital element of a bleed control kit. After each use, you must dispose of the tourniquet and source a replacement for your bleed control kit. At Turtle Engineering, we provide a range of tourniquet kits that are a reliable replacement for your bleed control kit.

A tourniquet should only ever be used by a trained professional or under the instruction of a 999 call handler in an emergency. It is also crucial to record the time of use so this information is available to paramedics and health professionals. Regularly review and replenish the components of your bleed and tourniquet kits to maintain their efficacy and readiness. If you have any questions about our tourniquet kits or need help choosing the right one for your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you to ensure you make the right choice.