Replacement Defibrillator Batteries

Defib batteries provide defibrillators with the power they need to deliver a shock when used on a sudden cardiac arrest casualty. A fully operational and healthy battery is essential for the successful use of a defibrillator. Being used, along with general wear and tear, can cause the defibrillator battery to deteriorate. However, without a working defib battery, the defibrillator cannot perform its vital function in treating a cardiac casualty. It is also vital to check your defibrillator battery for signs of damage to be sure it isn’t faulty or dangerous to use. This is why it is essential to perform self-tests at regular intervals to ensure the device is in good working order and there when you need it the most. It is good practice to always self-test or replace your defib battery after it has been used to ensure there is enough power for the device when it is needed again.

We recommend you refer to your device manual or contact the manufacturer for advice on how frequently you should test your defib battery. Typically, this may be performed daily, weekly or monthly. What is the lifespan of a defibrillator battery? This can vary across different manufacturers and models. The main reason for this is that some devices require more power to function than others. Some defibs are also fit with rechargeable batteries, which means the battery can be recharged and would only need replacing if faulty or damaged. If you are unsure which replacement defib battery you require for your defibrillator, please contact us. Our team are here to answer your questions.