New Insulated Cabinet now launched

Posted on 24 April 2017

We are passionate about innovating, improving and modifying our cabinets to give our customers the absolute best cabinets available and with the latest available technology included. We are always looking for better ways to improve the cabinets, with quality and reliability always being the priority over cost; there is no point having a cheap cabinet which doesn’t protect the defibrillator or is not accessible in an emergency.

Our latest offering is an insulated cabinet which can be viewed here: Outdoor Insulated Locked Defibrillator Cabinet

This resolves the frequent problem of communities and businesses wanting to install cabinets in popular, but, very remote locations where power is an issue. We accept it is not the ideal solution for keeping defibrillators in, having a temperature controlled cabinet (such as our Outdoor Heated Locked Defibrillator Cabinet) is always the best solution, but, when it comes to the choice of having no defibrillator available, or, having one in a secure insulated cabinet which needs to be more closely monitored in the winter by its custodian, the choice is obvious!

Our cabinets have come along way since we built our first prototype in 2011 and started full production in January 2012, whilst we still stand by our original design, still support all our customers, we are also very excited about our new products which offer our customers more options, more robust solutions and help save more lives!

We have another new exciting product which has been in development over the past 12 months and has been installed out on site for the past month, we will hopefully be launching this one very soon!

As a UK manufacturer and Engineering company, we are able to create solutions for any problems you may have, please do contact us if you can not see the ideal solution to your problem, or, have a different requirement from housing Defibrillators we may be able to help you with – we have had a number of unique, one off requests recently we have created for our customers.