Solar & Wind Powered Defibrillator Cabinet with optional full remote monitoring

£2,500.00 (excl. VAT)

Self Powered defibrillator cabinet – no electricity supply required.

Product Options

Remote Monitoring

Add a defibrillator

Buy a defibrillator with your cabinet and get a discount – check our package deals section for more details on each defib

Add a bleed kit

Our Daniel Baird Bleed Control kits are designed to help control and stop severe bleeding.
We also offer other bleed kits to suit your needs. Please see the bleed control section for further information about their contents.


A completely self-contained unit with no power source required, ideal for remote areas.

  • Completely self-powered unit – no external power source required!
  • Wind & solar powered to provide heating all year round anywhere in the UK
  • Securely locked with a marine-grade combination lock
  • High build quality and rain cover included as standard
  • Compatible with every model of Public Access Defibrillator on the market
  • Option of fully remote monitoring. We notify you if the cabinet is being accessed or if there is a fault with the heating system

Turtle Engineering Ltd have spent 2 years working with leading universities across the UK to develop a truly self-powered defibrillator cabinet. Although we initially desired an exclusively solar-powered cabinet it quickly became apparent that in the winter the UK does not receive enough sunlight to power a heating system. Therefore, the addition of a wind turbine ensures that the cabinet will work all year round.

Optional Remote Monitoring

The combination of solar and wind will provide the required charging for the battery. However, issues can still occur. To counter this we have developed a fully remote monitoring system. This system uses the mobile phone network to report back to us with the cabinet status on a daily basis. This means we can notify you when the cabinet has been accessed, provide updates on the environmental conditions and charge status of the cabinet, and promptly notify you of any faults as they occur.

Additionally an optional extra Wi-Fi hotspot facility can be included within the cabinet to allow certain defibrillators (such as the LifePak CR2) to connect to central servers for reporting health status, receiving updates and reporting when pads or batteries are approaching the end of their life. Please contact us for details.


Before installation, you need to cast a concrete base for the complete solar and wind powered defibrillator cabinet and set a sub-frame in the concrete for the cabinet to bolt down to. All fixings are securely housed within the battery compartment, ensuring that there are no accessible external fixings.

If you have any questions regarding this or our other products, or would like to discuss which cabinet best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us via phone, online chat, or email.


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