iPAD SP1 Defibrillator

£950.00 (excl. VAT)

Semi or Fully Automatic Defibs.
With CPR guidance, child-mode, and ambulance-compatible pads.


The iPad SP1 is a market-leading defibrillator that is used by communities around the country and the world. The iPad defib is perfectly designed for use in any public access site and can be coupled with our AWC001 or AWC003 cabinets for the perfect solution. 

Ipad defib features

  • Comes with everything you need to set up a public-access defibrillator site
  • Semi and fully automatic options
  • Clear instructions with calm vocal commands and illuminated illustrations
  • Large responsive buttons
  • Simple switching between adult and child mode
  • CPR guidance and metronome
  • Pads compatible with NHS ambulances to streamline patient handover

The iPad defib is safe for both adult and child casualties. It features a simple switch to select the right mode and uses the same smart electrode pads for both adults and children. This means that it is quick to deploy and doesn’t require any adjustments before use, which could help save precious time in a cardiac emergency.

Understanding that some users may feel uncomfortable pressing the shock button, the iPad defib is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions. The semi-automatic version is equipped with a shock button that requires the user to press to deliver the shock when prompted to do so.

Clear voice prompts on the Ipad defib help users ensure they are following the correct procedures for administering a potentially life-saving treatment before the paramedics arrive. One of the biggest features of the iPad defib is the automatic CPR detection. It uses a metronome to give clear audio guidance to ensure that the CPR being performed follows the correct rate of chest compressions.  

The iPad defib is equipped with chest pads compatible with front-line vehicles of the NHS ambulance service. This helps streamline the handover once paramedics arrive at the scene of the cardiac event. This saves valuable time and can help medical professionals deliver the treatment and care the casualty needs much quicker and potentially achieve better outcomes. 

When you buy the iPAD defib from us, you get the defibrillator, the orange carry case, two sets of pads (suitable for both adults and children), and two preparation kits. This provides everything you need to set up a publicly accessible defibrillator site.

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