Powerheart G3 Elite Defibrillator (semi / fully auto)

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A straightforward and effective defibrillator with daily self-testing

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The Powerheart G3 Elite defibrillator is the replacement for the original G3 – a straightforward defibrillator option.

  • STAR® biphasic provides an effective shock
  • Variable escalating energy for subsequent shocks
  • Voice guidance through Rescue Coach technology
  • Daily self-testing so you can be sure of reliability when its needed
  • Clear RescueReady light indicates readiness of defibrillator at a glance – useful when paired with a windowed cabinet

The Powerheart G3 Elite is the direct replacement for the original G3 defibrillator. While maintaining a similar appearance, the G3 Elite incorporates several software and internal hardware enhancements to ensure compliance with the latest resuscitation standards.

An effective shock

The Powerheart G3 Elite uses STAR® biphasic to provide an effective shock. STAR®  is a patented technology that has proven its effectiveness in successful rescues worldwide, delivering many positive outcomes.

If a subsequent shock is needed, the Powerheart G3 Elite will supply variable escalating energy to deliver a higher dose of therapy to the patient.

Simplicity and ease of use

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Powerheart G3 Elite AED is incredibly easy to operate. Using the patented Rescue Coach technology, the device provides clear, user-paced voice and text prompts, guiding rescuers of all skill levels through each crucial step. The prompts only progress once each critical step has been successfully completed.

The Powerheart G3 Elite determines if a shock is needed and delivers the shock automatically to the SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) victim.

Unwavering Confidence

The Powerheart G3 Elite AED instills confidence through its rigorous self-testing capabilities. Every day, the device performs a series of sophisticated, patented self-tests throughout its circuitry to verify the functionality and connection of critical components, battery, and patented non-polarized pads. This daily testing is a notable improvement on many other AEDs that test as infrequently as once a week.

The highly visible Rescue Ready indicator makes it easy to determine the Powerheart G3 Elite’s status at a glance. By looking at the simple colour-changing LED users can instantly determine the device’s readiness. If any self-test errors are detected, the indicator changes from green to red. Additional alert tones can signal the need for attention.

Advice and installation

If you are unsure which defibrillator to buy or would like advice please contact us. This defibrillator is compatible with all our cabinets, and can be combined with a bleed control kit to maximise the lifesaving capacity of your cabinet.

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Semi-Automatic; Automatic

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