AWC007 Large Defibrillator & Emergency Bleed Control Cabinet – Locked

£600.00 (excl. VAT)

Our largest combined cabinet –  a one stop shop for lifesaving equipment

Product Options

Add a defibrillator

Buy a defibrillator with your cabinet and get a discount – check our package deals section for more details on each defib

Alarm/Beacon Options

Add a bleed kit

Our Daniel Baird Bleed Control kits are designed to help control and stop severe bleeding.
We also offer other bleed kits to suit your needs. Please see the bleed control section for further information about their contents.


The AWC007 is our largest cabinet. It is a combined cabinet for housing both a public access defibrillator and an Emergency Bleed Control Kit to create a single point for all Emergency Medical Equipment for Public use.

  • Securely lockable with a marine grade combination lock
  • IP66, IK10 rated (Fully waterproof, dust proof and the highest impact rating available)
  • Fully heated with 150W fan assisted heater and hydrostats monitoring temperature and moisture
  • Highly visible front graphics
  • Various mount options (pole / post mount, fence mount, wall mount, etc.)
  • Installation available for a complete package (please contact us)

Combining our ever popular AWC001 defibrillator cabinet, with our new Emergency Bleed Control Cabinet we have created a one-stop-shop for all publicly available emergency life saving medical equipment. Both a Cardiac Arrest and a major injury / trauma require immediate medical intervention, often in time scales a Paramedic cannot physically arrive in. Therefore, having publicly accessible, easy to use medical equipment for any by-stander to use is critical. Furthermore, Emergency Bleed Kits are not just designed for city centres, there are often cases of accidents and injuries in rural locations where an Emergency Bleed Kit is required to save a life.

Turtle Engineering has partnered with the Dan Baird Foundation and our cabinets are designed to house a Prometheus Bleed Control kit (available in our shop), as used by every Ambulance service across the U.K. (and other countries). Other bleed kits will also fit in our cabinet, however! We’ve just developed this cabinet with the Prometheus kit in mind.

We can also offer installation services, training, on-going maintenance or one-off maintenance on all our cabinets and defibrillators. Please do contact us for more information about any of these services.

Technical Details

Size: 500 x 500 x 200 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: Approx. 23 kg
Colours: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue
Heater: 150W controlled heater – fully customisable settings with monitoring of both moisture and temperature
Electrical Supply: 230v a.c. ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur

Additional information


500 x 500 x 200 (HxWxD)


Aprox. 23kg


150W controlled heater – Fully customisable settings monitoring both temperature and moisture

Electrical Supply

230v a.c. ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur

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