MERE – Bleed Control Kit

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Built on real life experience of paramedics working in the field.

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The MERE Bleed Control Kit has been created by a team of Paramedics and  follows the deisgn of the Daniel Baird Foundation kit specified by West Midlands Ambulance Service. The MERE kit comes in a higher quality bag to the Daniel Baird Foundation kit and includes a Lunica light stick, however, does not include the foil blanket or CPR face shield found in the Daniel Baird kits.  

  • Designed by Paramedics
  • Full of quality first aid and trauma supplies
  • Quick-access MOLLE pouch with pull-cord zips
  • Instruction leaflet

The Bleed Control Kit is designed to stop mild to moderate bleeding. This Kit is designed and brought to the public with one goal in mind – stopping preventable deaths. The compact kit is designed to be used by anyone. We understand that not everyone knows how to provide life saving first aid, but everyone can follow an instruction leaflet. In fact more than 65% of people are visual learners and we have included simple QR code links that show visuals on how to use each particular piece of equipment.


  • MERE medic pouch
  • Trauma shears
  • C.A.T® Tourniquet G7
  • Olaes® modular trauma bandage
  • Firstaid guidance leaflet
  • Medical examination gloves
  • Lumica light stick
  • CELOX® RAPID Gauze
  • CELOX® FOX seal vented
  • Marker pen Pen

For a more comprehensive package be sure to check out our Daniel Baird Bleed Control Kit.

If you are unsure whether this is the right bleed kit for you, please contact us to discuss your options.

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