AWC001 Cabinet, Heartsine 350P Defibrillator & Mere Bleed Control Kit

£1,300.00 (excl. VAT)

All in one package to make a truly heart safe community

Product Options

Alarm/Beacon Options


  • Heated, Locked Defibrillator Cabinet

  • Heartsine 350P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

  • MereEmergency Bleed Control Kit

Everything you need for a heart safe community all in one cabinet for just £1270

**Defibrillator can be upgraded to other models – please contact us!**

The Cabinet

  • IP66 rated & IK10 rated – totally water and dust proof and highest impact rating available – keeping everything safe
  • Heated – keeps the defibrillator at the required temperature all year round (Power source required)
  • Locked – Marine grade, stainless steel lock (unlocked version available)
  • 10 year guarantee from the longest standing defibrillator cabinet manufacturer on the market – our cabinets will last the test of time, no peeling paint or rusting with our cabinets
  • Flexible – our cabinets can be wall mounted, pole mounted, fence mounted or even come on a free standing plinth

The Defibrillator (Can be upgraded to a different model)

  • Easy to use with just 2 buttons for full operation
  • 8 year warranty
  • pads and batteries last 4 years (or 1 use) with a battery pack and pads costing £105 to replace, making it very cheap to maintain
  •  Carry case, pads and batteries included

The Bleed Control Kit


The Bleed Control Kit is designed to stop mild to moderate bleeding. This Kit is designed and brought to the public with one goal in mind – stopping preventable deaths. The compact kit is designed to be used by anyone. We understand that not everyone knows how to provide life saving first aid, but everyone can follow an instruction leaflet. In fact more than 65% of people are visual learners and we have included simple QR code links that show visuals on how to use each particular piece of equipment.

Haemorrhage Control Kit Includes

    • MERE medic pouch
    • Trauma shears
    • C.A.T® Tourniquet G7
    • Olaes® modular trauma bandage
    • Firstaid guidance leaflet
    • Medical examination gloves
    • Lumica light stick
    • CELOX® RAPID Gauze
    • CELOX® FOX seal vented
    • Marker pen Pen


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