Bleed control kit inside sticker

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Vinyl sticker

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A simple replacement door sticker for cabinets to indicate that the cabinet contains not just a defibrillator but also a bleed control kit.

  • Compatible with all makes and models of cabinets (not just ours)
  • Vinyl sticker
  • Easily visible
  • Clear formatting
  • Reads ‘Bleed Control Kit Inside’
  • Replacement or addition for your existing defibrillator cabinet
  • Gives instructions on how to call 999 in an emergency
  • Offers links to Daniel Baird Foundation
  • Custom sizes available

This sticker makes it clear to the public that a bleed kit is available and gives instructions on how to call 999 in an emergency to get assistance in using it. It is intended as a replacement for a worn sticker or an additional sticker when you add a bleed control kit to your cabinet.

Bleed control kits can be used to stop any catastrophic bleed, be that an incident at work, a road traffic accident or collision, or even a heavy fall on the streets. If you have a defib and cabinet in your community but are interested in getting a bleed control kit too, then please click here. ┬áThese kits have proved to be lifesaving – having access to them 24/7 in a cabinet makes them even more effective. The sticker features an image of Daniel Baird and a link to the Daniel Baird Foundation website, where the public can find more information about Bleed Control Kits and their benefits.

Custom sized stickers are possible, please contact us here for details and pricing.

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