AWC001-24V Defibrillator Cabinet for Telephone Box (low voltage)

£575.00 (excl. VAT)

The AWC001-24v phone box defib cabinet is a modified low-voltage version of our AWC001 cabinet.

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The AWC001-24v phone box defibrillator cabinet is a unique and innovative solution. It is a specially modified low-voltage version of our AWC001 cabinet, designed to repurpose old BT telephone boxes. This novel use of disused telephone boxes equips local communities with life-saving equipment. 

Phone box defibrillator cabinet features

  • Fully compliant with BT’s requirements (BS7671-2018)
  • Fits into old phone kiosks, which can be adopted from BT for just £1
  • External medical grade, isolated transformer – so no earth required
  • Secured with a marine-grade combination lock
  • Fits all defibrillators on the market
  • There is space for a bleed kit too
  • Automatic LED light on cabinet opening
  • Heated with a 30W heater controlled by a variable thermostat

The phone box defibrillator cabinet is mounted inside the phone box in place of the unneeded telephone unit. As a significant part of our heritage, these red telephone boxes form a focal point in many communities. It is this quick ability to easily locate a red phone box that makes it the ideal home for a telephone box defibrillator. 

Our telephone box defibrillator provides a safe, low-voltage Electrical Class 2 cabinet that can be housed in unused telephone boxes. Phone box defibrillators are not only a popular choice, but also a secure one, as they provide an ideal environment to protect the defibrillator from the weather. 

This phone box defibrillator cabinet also comes with a bright LED light to help users see clearly when they open the cabinet and a 24v 30w heater to help keep the phone box defibrillator at the correct temperature throughout the winter. The cabinet is equipped with a tamper-proof lock, ensuring the safety of the defibrillator and preventing unauthorised access or theft. 

It is powered by a medical-grade, isolated transformer, which means it does not require an earth connection. This is crucial for any phone box defibrillator, as some older BT telephone boxes’ electricity supply does not include an earth. BT stipulates that this type of phone box defibrillator should be used in their phone boxes. 

Many old red phone boxes are disappearing from our streets, but communities interested in installing a telephone box defibrillator can adopt one for just £1. This affordable option is open to eligible bodies such as charities, local authority districts or borough councils, and parish, community, or town councils. They will not sell them to private individuals or residents’ associations.

Additional information


500 x 400 x 200mm ( H x W x D )


Approx. 20kg


Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

Electrical Supply

24v without earth


24v 30w variable thermostat

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