AWC001-24V low voltage Defibrillator Cabinet for Phone Boxes

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24v Defibrillator Cabinet for Phone Boxes


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Our AWC001-24V low voltage Defibrillator Cabinet for Phone Boxes has been developed to provide a safe, low voltage Electrical Class 2 cabinet. It is powered from a medical grade, isolated transformer meaning it does not need an earth connection to be safe. This is especially important if you are installing a cabinet in an old BT Phone Box where the electricity supply does not include an earth. It is a requirement of BT that such cabinets are used in their phone boxes and there have been reported cases of defibrillator cabinets being removed for not meeting this requirement. (In technical terms, it meets the requirements of BS7671-2018)

The cabinet includes a very bright LED light to illuminate the cabinet on opening. The cabinet also has a 24V 30W heater controlled by a variable thermostat (set to 12°C as standard). The heater is ideal for keeping the Defibrillator at the correct temperature through winter, the additional wind protection of the phone box means there is less heating requirements in the 24v cabinets compared to our standard cabinets.


Details on how to adopt a phone box are supplied by BT and can be viewed here:

Adopt a Kiosk

BT sell the phone boxes for just £1 to eligible bodies (parish councils, etc.) they won’t sell them to private individuals though.

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