Customising Your Cabinet (Addons and Options)

Posted on 25 July 2023

We offer a range of customisation options for our cabinets because we know that every situation is different. What’s more, as an engineering company, we can come up with custom solutions to your specific circumstances. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further help.

If you’re unsure which cabinet is right for you, click here for an explainer (including a comparison chart).



On our website all the metal defib cabinets appear in yellow, and the bleed cabinets in red. However, we can paint all our cabinets yellow, white, green, red, or blue! The pole mounts, hoop bar stands, and free-standing supports can also be painted to match.

Custom Screen Prints

All our defibrillator cabinets have the option for the front design to be customised with your own choice of text or logos, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Security and Alerts

Beacon (only available on standard/large cabinets)

A flashing beacon which alerts local residents that the cabinet is in use. This can help ensure you are always aware when your defibrillator needs maintenance or has been removed. Can be combined with an alarm.


Makes a loud alert noise when the cabinet is in use. This helps notify you that the defibrillator needs checking and ensures it is always ready for life-saving.

Please note that the alarm/beacon will be activated whenever the cabinet is accessed so it will activate when custodians are checking the defibrillator cabinet too.

Cabinet Modifications


A small, transparent window makes it easier for guardians to check on the defibrillator without having to open the cabinet. This is particularly useful when combined with a defibrillator with a ready indicator light. It also means that passers-by can notify you if the defibrillator is missing for any reason.

Rain Canopy

Although all our cabinets carry the IP66 waterproofing rating, in areas of high rainfall – such as under gutters or in remote areas – we recommend a rain canopy. This simple metal cover attaches to the top of the cabinet with screws and diverts rainfall away from the cabinet’s valuable contents. It is also available separately for retrofitting.