Customising your Turtle defib cabinet

Posted on 25 September 2020

Turtle Cabinet Accessories

Here at Turtle we think customising your cabinets to the needs of the company or community is really important.  So based on that, we provide a Turtle cabinet – heated or unheated, locked or unlocked, with a number of different useful accessories which can really help protect the cabinet and make it feel part of the community…

  1. Colour

Choose your colour.  We provide a range of different colours, but if you have a specific one in mind, please get in touch with the pantone reference and we will do what we can to match

  1. Screen printing information

Some people like to knowledge who helped them raise or provided the money for the cabinet & defib, which we think is a great idea.  Others like to put a logo on, instructions on how to use the defibrillator inside; a message in memoriam – this is worth considering before putting in your order. We have the licence to use a few different signs on how to use the defib – these both conform with current UK and EU Legislation.

  1. A window

Its good to be able to check the defib is still inside the defibrillator cabinet, so we can provide a window on the cabinet so it can be checked regularly without the need for opening it

  1. A beacon

A beacon is a great alert signal that the cabinet has been opened and potentially someone is having a cardiac arrest.  This is a light that sits on top of the cabinet and flashes much like an emergency services flashing light

  1. An alarmed beacon

This alerts people locally both with noise and visually that the defib cabinet is unlocked and that someone is in cardiac arrest near the location.  It can also deter vandals from trying to open the cabinet for reasons other than helping a person in cardiac arrest.

  1. A raincover

If your defib is in a particularly exposed area, or maybe underneath guttering or something similar, it is a great way of making sure the rain comes into contact as little as possible with the front of the cabinet.  For more information, click here

  1. A sign above your cabinet

If your cabinet is quite low down, or partially hidden and you want to make it more visible, get a sign to be positioned high above the cabinet, so passers-by can view it from afar.  For more information, click here

We also offer plinths, and many more customisable options.  If you want to discuss it further either LiveChat us, give is a call on 01327 22 07 22 or email us here