AWC006 Small Form Unlocked Defibrillator Cabinet

£410.00 (excl. VAT)

Small outdoor heated, unlocked defib cabinet.

Product Options

Add a defibrillator

Buy a defibrillator with your cabinet and get a discount – check our package deals section for more details on each defib

Add a bleed kit

Our Daniel Baird Bleed Control kits are designed to help control and stop severe bleeding.
We also offer other bleed kits to suit your needs. Please see the bleed control section for further information about their contents.


Our smaller form unlocked defibrillator cabinet. Appropriate for outdoors.

We developed the AWC006 Defibrillator Cabinet to provide a cost effective, small defib cabinet which still meets our excellent manufacturing standards. The cabinet features the same robust, time-tested paint process as all our cabinets. It also, therefore, comes with the 10 year guarantee we offer on all our cabinets.

The AWC006 has a passive 50W heater which is controlled by a variable thermostat allowing you to adjust the temperature if required. The AWC001 and AWC003 cabinets have fan assisted heaters and monitor both temperature and moisture inside the cabinet. Please do contact us if you’d like more information about the different heating systems and the benefits of each type.

The AWC006 Defibrillator Cabinet is compatible with our pole mount kits and free standing plinths as well as being wall mountable. It is therefore a very flexible product for deployment.

If you are unsure which is the right cabinet for you please do get in touch with us, either via our live chat, phone or email.

Technical Details

Size: 400 x 400 x 300 mm

Weight: Approx 15kg

Colours available: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Grey

Electrical Supply: 230v a.c. – ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur

Heater: Passive 50w controlled by variable thermostat

Additional information


400mm x 400mm x 200mm (HxWxD)


Approx. 15kg


Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

Electrical Supply

230v a.c. ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur


Passive 50w heater

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