AWC003 Defibrillator Cabinet – Outdoor, unlocked, heated

£475.00 (excl. VAT)

Outdoor, heated, unlocked cabinet

Product Options

Alarm/Beacon Options

Add a defibrillator

Buy a defibrillator with your cabinet and get a discount – check our package deals section for more details on each defib

Add a bleed kit

Our Daniel Baird Bleed Control kits are designed to help control and stop severe bleeding.
We also offer other bleed kits to suit your needs. Please see the bleed control section for further information about their contents.


 Our large unlocked outdoor defibrillator cabinet, designed to meet British Heart Foundation scheme requirements

  • Secure, IP66, IK10 rated (Fully waterproof, dust proof and the highest impact rating available)
  • Compatible with all popular models of Public Access Defibrillators
  • Unlocked for quick access using easy-grip plastic handle
  • Fully heated with 150W fan assisted heater and hydrostat monitoring temperature and moisture
  • Highly visible front graphics
  • Various mount options (pole / post mount, fence mount, wall mount, etc.)
  • Installation available for a complete package (please contact us)

The AWC003 outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked) has been designed to meet the requirements of defibrillator cabinets purchased through the British Heart Foundation scheme, which prefers unlocked defib cabinets.

The AWC003 is made of sturdy 2mm mild steel and can be powder coated in the color of your choice. It is equipped with an internal automatic LED strip light that illuminates when the door is opened. Additionally, it features a 150W fan-assisted heater controlled by thermostatic (temperature) and hydrostatic (moisture) monitoring to ensure the temperature inside the cabinet remains above freezing and keep your defibrillator functioning at its best. Inside, there’s a convenient storage compartment for spares, mask kits, and other items. The cabinet is designed to accommodate popular makes and models of Public Access Defibrillators, with or without their carry cases.

Optional Extras

You also have the option to include a window, allowing custodians to check the defibrillator’s status without opening the cabinet. For areas with high rainfall, an optional rain cover is available to provide additional protection by diverting rain away from the door seal.

If desired, you can add alarms or flashing beacons to the defibrillator cabinet. These can alerts the local community whenever the cabinet is accessed. Please note that the alarm/beacon will activate not only when someone accesses the cabinet but also when custodians are performing routine checks.

All our defibrillator cabinets can be customised with your preferred text or logos on the front design. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.

Technical Details

Size: 500 x 400 x 200 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: Approx. 20 kg
Colour: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
Electrical Supply: 230v a.c. ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur
Heater: 150w controlled heater – fully customisable settings monitoring both temperature and moisture levels

Additional information


500 x 400 x 200mm ( H x W x D )


Approx. 20kg


Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

Electrical Supply

230v a.c. ideally on a 13a non-switched fused spur


150W controlled heater – Fully customisable settings monitoring both temperature and moisture

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