What is a bleed control cabinet & kit?

Posted on 16 November 2020

Help stem a catastrophic bleed

We recently installed a bleed kit and cabinet on Hurst Street in Birmingham in conjuction with the West Midlands Police and Ambulance Service, the Daniel Baird Foundation (DBF) and Southside District BID team.  The cabinet was developed on partnership with the DBF and West Midlands Police.

Emergency Bleed Control Kits contain exactly the same equipment as the Ambulance Services carry across the UK. The kits were developed by West Midlands Ambulance Service alongside a charity called the Daniel Baird Foundation, whom we work very closely with.  They can be used by anyone without the need for training and can now be kept securely locked in a Turtle bleed control cabinet with access only through dialling 999 in an Emergency – exactly the same as the current network of Defibrillators.

What can the kits be used for?

  • Car accidents (pedestrians or occupants)
  • Severe slips / trips / falls
  • Any kind of cut to a major vein or artery
  • Stab / gunshot wound

A category A 999 call can normally be responded to in 7 minutes in a city, after a catastrophic bleed a person can die in just 4 minutes. Public intervention using one of these kits really is the difference between life and death for the casualty.

What can we offer?

  • Installed Cabinet with one Bleed Control Kit – special introductory offer from £500+vat (location dependent).
  • Combined Cabinet to house both a Defibrillator and an Emergency Bleed Control Kit.  This requires power, add another defibrillator site or to replace an ageing cabinet – £600+vat (cabinet only).
  • Full installation – please contact us for a quote dependent on electrical supply etc.
  • Complete solution including Defibrillators and the Bleed Control Kit as a package – contact us to talk through your requirements.

Rest reassured…

All our cabinets come with a 10 year warranty (T&Cs apply)

We have been manufacturing defibrillator cabinets in the UK for 9 years and have extensive knowledge of the requirements of a cabinet and of defibrillators.

Our Servicing packages can be purchased along side the cabinets to provide reassurance that they will be properly maintained and looked after for the next 10 years.