What does a bleed control kit contain?

Posted on 15 October 2021

The kit contains specialist equipment to help stem extreme blood loss before ambulance crews arrive.  The pack is lightweight and in a high visibility red.  It is most often housed in a bleed control cabinet so it is available and accessible 24/7.

Remember, a bleed control kit can be used to stem a catastrophic bleed in ANY situation, be that a severe injury at work, a car accident or a car vs pedestrian incident, a heavy fall, or a number of other different situations.  Our bleed control cabinets and kits are in what the emergency services would regard as high traffic areas – be that on a main road, near a park, at a train station or in a factory or warehouse. However, they are also used by sports teams and professionals like tree surgeons.

The Emergency Bleed Control Kits have been specified by the National Trauma Network and West Midlands Ambulance Service specifically for public use in an emergency to control a catastrophic bleed.

Image of the bag and contents of The Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Kit which is assembled and sold by Turtle Defib Cabinets, which also manufactured the UK's first bleed control cabinet.

Here’s what The Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kits contain:

Basic Instructions

Basic instructions for the lay person to have a straightforward understanding of the equipment included and where/how to apply.  Remember, you will have a first responder on the end of the phone talking you through using the kit too.

Trauma dressing

This is designed to control moderate bleeding and should be placed on the bleed itself, not slid on.

Haemostatic gauze

This dressing that is very effective, designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage

Chest seal

An innovative dressing for emergency treatment of a penetrating chest wound.

A Tourniquet

The tourniquet cuts off blood supply and should only be used by a trained first aider or if an emergency service responder tells you to use it – as cutting off blood supply may stem an injury but also have other consequences.

Nitrile Gloves

These gloves are non-latex and are for personal protection whilst dealing with the injured person.


In an emergency you may need to cut off clothing, so the scissors are there to help.

If you would like to view the bleed control kit with cabinet, please click here