Why have a heated cabinet?

Posted on 17 August 2020

This is a frequent question that we are asked, and the answer is quite simple – it preserves and protects the public defibrillator and any other equipment inside the cabinet.

Thermostatically heated cabinets

In all Turtle heated cabinets we provide a 150W fan assisted, thermostatically controlled heating element.  This ensures the ambient temperature inside the cabinet never comes close to freezing and stays at a temperature to allow the defibrillator to operate efficiently.   The fan circulates the air around the whole cabinet, so the temperature doesn’t just remain in one area.  Some heating systems in cabinets are not fan controlled and so quite often it can be hotter near the base of the cabinet, and colder near the top.

Added to that, our fan heating means it is more energy efficient.  It takes a maximum of 4 minutes when cold to bring the cabinet up to right temperature.  A standard heater would take 10 minutes.

Hydrostatically controlled cabinets

This reduces the moisture in the cabinet.  Since the UK is always in, or close to the path of the polar front jet stream, frequent changes in pressure and therefore unpredictable weather is typical.  By having a hydrostatically controlled system in your cabinet, none of the rain or moisture in the air outside can get into the cabinet – once again protecting the precious defibrillator machine and other equipment inside.

Regular checking of your cabinet and defib

Once you have invested in an external defibrillator and cabinet for your community it is really important that you regularly check the contents of the cabinet and the cabinet itself to make sure all is in perfect order.  Turtle cabinets come with a 10-year guarantee, but batteries, pads and heaters do have a shelf life.

We provide replacements for most defibs and the heating inside   https://turtledefibcabinets.co.uk/product-category/cabinet-mounts-spares/ and are happy to talk you through how to fit.

Or we can come out and service your cabinet for you  https://turtledefibcabinets.co.uk/servicing/