Funding for a defibrillator and cabinet

Posted on 11 May 2020

Your public defibrillator and cabinet can be funded in a number of different ways.  We have listed some of the key options, below.


Your local (parish) council

Your first port of call should be to approach your local parish or town council.  Your council are there to serve the community they are based in, and are given a yearly budget by your District Council which helps them maintain the area they look after – from police/community support officers, lights, cleaning etc.

If you can approach them with why you want it and where, it will be raised at the next council meeting and you may well be asked to come along and present your case.  For some basic figures that might help your cause, please visit: and select the country relevant to you.


There are many charities in the UK dedicated to helping communities fundraise for a defibrillator and cabinet.

One of the most high profile charities are AED Donate  and they will give you ideas on how to start fundraising, how much you need to raise and set up a page so people in your community can donate.  They will also be part of the installation process.

At Turtle, we offer customised printing on all our cabinet doors, so you can dedicate your cabinet and defib to someone in the community who may have inspired you, or perhaps just dedicate it to the community who raised the funds.


The BHF provide grants to help with the cost of a defibrillator in your community, via the government.  Please note, these are only part funded – you will still need to raise some money – and have several specific requirements to be met.

The budgets have yet to be released for this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is worth keeping an eye on the site and when you are ready and grants have been released you could certainly apply for one.

Rotary Organisations

A number of our customers have found that local Rotary Clubs are very supportive in assisting with the purchase of publicly accessible defibrillators and cabinets.  Rotary clubs are based in communities, and with over 1700 clubs in Great Britain, there is often a local club to contact to enquire about support.  To find your local club, use the Rotary Organisations Club finder:


If you want to discuss this any further with us, please do get in touch here.  We would love to help!