Marker Pen

£1.00 (excl. VAT)

To mark the time a tourniquet was applied


A replacement marker pen for your bleed control kit.

  • Quality Stanley Fine Tip Permanent Marker
  • Used to note the time a tourniquet is applied – this is important when a hospital come to remove it later

About The Daniel Baird Foundation

The Daniel Baird Foundation has been established in memory of Daniel Baird. Daniel was just 26 years of age when he was fatally stabbed in Birmingham in July 2017, following a night out with friends, in an area where no bleed control kit or trauma pack was at hand to use. The family of Daniel Baird believe that, had there been a publicly accessible bleed control pack available, Daniel’s life may not have been cut so short.

If you have any questions about bleed kit elements, please contact us to discuss your options. This is intended as a replacement, we sell full bleed kits here.