iPAD SP1 Training Defibrillator

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Train your community on this simulation iPAD SP1 defibrillator with remote control.

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Train your community to use your iPAD SP1 defibrillator.

  • Remote control operation
  • Eight different rescue scenarios
  • AAA battery powered

Please note this is not a full defibrillator but a training tool, click here for the original defib.



The iPAD SP1 Defibrillator is a market leader, and for good reason.

  • Comes with everything you need to set up a Public Access Defibrillator site
  • Semi and Fully Automatic options
  • Clear instructions with calm vocal commands and illuminated illustrations
  • Large responsive buttons
  • Simple switching between adult and child mode
  • CPR guidance and metronome
  • Pads compatible with NHS ambulances to streamline patient handover

The iPAD SP1 is a market leading defibrillator and used by communities across the country and world this is the perfect defibrillator for any Public Access Sites and coupled with either our AWC001 or AWC003 cabinets is the perfect package.

When you buy the iPAD SP1 from us not only do you get the Defibrillator, but, you also get the orange carry case, 2 sets of pads (suitable for both adults and children) and 2 preparation kits, providing everything you need to set-up a Publicly Accessible Defibrillator Site.


Semi or Fully Automatic?

  • A Semi-Automatic Defibrillator has a shock button which requires the user to press to deliver the shock.
  • An Automatic Defibrillator conducts a countdown to automatically delivering the shock.

Some users may feel uneasy about pressing a shock button in an Emergency, however, a semi-automatic will deliver the shock quicker as it does not require a countdown. If you’re unsure which model to go with please do contact us.


Easy to use

A simple switch between child and adult mode. The same set of ‘smart’ electrode pads are used for both adults and children.  That means no additional pads are required,  which saves precious time in an emergency and expense for your organisation.

Voice prompts automatically adjust to background noise (up to 90 decibels), so the iPAD defibrillator can always be heard easily, even in noisy environments.

The automatic CPR detection and metronome ensures CPR is being performed, giving an audible guidance to keep chest compressions going at the correct rate.

Finally when the paramedics arrive, pad compatibility with front line vehicles of the NHS Ambulance Services streamlines the handover to of a patient to advanced care.


A long-term investment

The iPAD defibrillator comes with a 4 year battery warranty, and an expected battery life of 5 years (or 200 shocks). That makes the on-going cost of an iPAD defibrillator easily manageable. Replacement batteries can be purchased in our shop.

Furthermore this iPAD defibrillator is eligible for a 10 year warranty when you register it with the manufacturer.

The device’s pad indicator displays the expected pad life remaining, with verbal instructions to “replace pads” or to “connect pads”. Pads have a 3 year shelf life and replacement pads can be purchased in our shop.


Returns: Due to this being critical life saving medical equipment, the iPAD SP1 defibrillator can not be returned once purchased. Before an order is dispatched it is possible to cancel the order, however, once dispatched it is not returnable. The defibrillator is covered by the 10 year warranty (with registration on the manufacturers website) so any technical problems will be fixed and covered by the warranty.

If you are unsure which defibrillator is right for you contact us to discuss your options.

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