Free Standing Cabinet Plinth for Defibrillator Cabinets

£195.00£225.00 (excl. VAT)

Compatible with all our cabinets



  • Aluminium plinth
  • 800mm high
  • Colour matched to cabinets
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Remote, Rural or Urban

Our free standing cabinet plinth for our Defibrillator Cabinets has been developed to mount any of our range of our cabinets either indoors or outdoors on a secure, free standing plinth. The plinth is made from extruded aluminium, therefore is very strong, yet, will not rust.

The Plinth is 800mm tall, sitting the cabinet at the perfect height for easy public access to the defibrillator in an emergency.

We can supply the plinth in either grey (RAL 7035) or powder coated to match the colour of your defibrillator cabinet. We have ensured there are no externally accessible fixings, ensuring the cabinet is safe and secure on the plinth.

You can route cables internally in the plinth support, allowing power to be run to the cabinet with no exposed cables.

Our free standing cabinet plinth for defibrillator cabinets provides a sleek, professional solution for installing cabinets in every location, ideal when matched with our insulated cabinet and canopy in very remote areas. Alternatively it can be used inside shopping centres or business premises with our unheated cabinets. It is also ideal as a free standing defibrillator cabinet outside buildings where it is not easy to attach the cabinet to the wall, either due to a listing status on the building or due to uneven natural stone.

Please note; we don’t supply the ground fixings for the plinth as it will depend what surface the plinth is being mounted to as to what fixings are most appropriate.

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Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Grey