Remote installation of your defib cabinet available

Posted on 4 January 2021

If you have the budget for a defib and cabinet, but no one to install it, do not fear!  Here at Turtle we can not only supply the defib and cabinet, but we can fit it for you too.

In the past, parish councils and local charities have often looked to find a person, retired or not, who can fit the cabinet, and work around their schedule.  With a national pandemic; some councils members or volunteers are shielding, or are just so busy they are struggling to fit in a time to install the cabinet.  That’s where we come in!

The steps

When you purchase your defib and cabinet, or just cabinet, you just need to let us know you would like remote fitting too.

We can then price up the cost of fitting – which is based on where the defib cabinet will be installed, if it needs electricity, if it is close to an electricity source, and what the cabinet will be affixed too (concrete, brick, inside of a telephone box, etc).  Based on that a price will be agreed and a date and time agreed.

How does remote fitting work?

First you need to decide where you want the cabinet situated.  If you are struggling to make that decision, please check out our blog here which should help you make the decision.

On the agreed date, when we arrive at the location, we will courtesy call to let you know we have arrived, and using WhatsApp or another platform we can take a picture of the location to make sure we are in the right place.

If the cabinet is being fitted inside a community centre, you will just need to make sure the location is open and accessible for the fitter, and then we will get to work!

Following the fitting, we would strongly recommend an inspection before we leave to make sure everyone is happy. For our defib and cabinet packages, click here