Registering your defibrillator and location

Posted on 5 July 2021

So you have a defibrillator in your community now – you raised the funds, purchased the cabinet and defib – that was the hard bit!

Now, you need to make sure it is registered so it can be accessed in an emergency when someone is helping to save a life. .

The Circuit

Firstly we would strongly recommend you got in touch with The Circuit.  This is a national defibrillator network run by the British Heart Foundation, Resuscitation Council UK and St Johns Ambulance and will allow your defib to be on the national database which enables everyone who needs to use it, to be able to use it.  Please use the attached link, here

Inform your regional Ambulance Service

We would also recommend that you went to our page register your defib.  This area of our website has the email addresses and telephone numbers of the regional ambulance services throughout the whole of the UK – its really important they know about your defib.  Select your region and get in touch.   You will need to give them the access code (if it is a locked cabinet) and a few other bits of information which we have detailed on the page.

Fill in a simple form with Turtle

Finally, we would also recommend you getting in touch with us and filling in a simple form that allows us to get in touch with you when your defib pads or batteries are getting close to their expiry date.  The last thing you would want after planning and succeeding in getting a defib in your community, is that it doesn’t work in an emergency.


Any questions please do get in touch here