Cover Pro Chemo Disposable Gloves

£9.99 (excl. VAT)

in an anti-contamination box dispenser


Avoid cross-contamination with TGL’s Cover Pro Chemo single-use disposable gloves. They come in a special dispenser box that pulls one glove out at a time (like a box of tissues).

With normal glove boxes, people often pull out more gloves than they need. This can be wasteful. Far worse, however, is the risk of cross-contamination, if they put the leftover gloves back into the box. Such careless action in the heat of the moment (remember, these are for use in emergencies) could contaminate an entire box of gloves and risk infection for future users.

TGL is therefore our recommended disposable glove provider. Cover Pro Chemo disposable gloves are cheap, strong, and avoid cross-contamination.

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Beaded cuff
  • Compliant with UK, US, EU, Australian, and New Zealand requirements
  • 200 gloves
  • Easy to use box dispenser