Stop the Bleed Day, 20th May 2021

Posted on 19 May 2021

Thursday 20th May 2021 marks Stop The Bleed Day, a day of awareness of the need for resources and training to react to catastrophic bleed injuries.

In recognition of this day, Turtle Engineering Ltd, along with their partner charity The Daniel Baird Foundation, are raising awareness of the need for publicly accessible emergency bleed control kits in the community. The two organisations deployed the UK’s first Emergency Bleed Control Cabinet in Birmingham on 9th November 2020, and since then have worked in partnership to roll out Emergency Bleed Control Cabinets across the UK.

Emergency Bleed Control Kits and cabinets

The Emergency Bleed Control Kits were developed in association with West Midlands Ambulance Service and provide the exact same medical equipment as that used by Ambulance crews, including clotting dressings, chest seals and tourniquets. The equipment
can be used by anyone with no need for training.
In major UK cities it takes an ambulance an average of seven minutes to get to the scene of a major emergency, so these cabinets, which can include a defibrillator, can be vital in bridging this gap and ensuring people don’t die on the street. Even more concerning is that it can take over 20 minutes for ambulance crews to reach rural locations where the risk of  serious injury from agricultural machinery, road traffic accidents and domestic accidents is further elevated. An adult can bleed to death in 4 minutes from a catastrophic bleed therefore early intervention is essential.

The Foundation was set up in honour of Daniel Baird, who was fatally stabbed in 2017. The team have been campaigning for more emergency bleed control equipment to be made publicly available in cities across the UK.

Lynne Baird, Founder of the Daniel Baird Foundation

Lynne Baird, Daniel Baird’s mother, who set up the Foundation, said: “In the year ending March 2020, there were around 46,000 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales. A person can bleed to death from a traumatic injury in just 4 minutes.”

Mike Dowson, Managing Director of Turtle Engineering said: “The statistics are startling; we are making it our mission to try and get the cabinets and equipment truly accessible in all major towns and cities throughout the UK.  We are immensely proud to continue our partnership with the Daniel Baird Foundation and continue to deploy UK first, lifesaving medical equipment for public use.”


To recognise the Stop The Bleed Day Turtle Engineering Ltd are offering our Emergency Bleed Control Cabinet and Bleed Control kit (£425) or a combined Emergency Bleed Control and Defibrillator Cabinet (£600) with an additional 10% off using code stopthebleed