Knife crime – spending budgets on preventing deaths

Posted on 25 January 2021

Startling UK statistics on knife crime

Whilst the Home Office reported a drop in Knife and Offensive weapon offences resulting in a caution or sentence of 20% in 2020 vs 2019*, that includes a pandemic and a lockdown in England and Wales for over three and a half months of 2020.

Added to which there were some areas that bucked the trend and saw an increase in weapon offences – Devon & Cornwall, Warwickshire and South Wales to name a few, whilst other areas saw a decrease of offences much less than the 20% reported.  Within 12 hours of 2021 beginning there had been four fatal stabbings in London alone.

Here at Turtle Engineering we believe tacking knife crime can go hand in hand with preventing unnecessary deaths with our ‘control the bleed’ kits and cabinets.

Added to which the bleed control kits can be used for any type of catestrophic bleed injury – be that from a car crash, a person falling over, a fight or any other incident where a serious bleed injury may arise.

Publically accessible bleed control kits & cabinets

Working in partnership with the Daniel Baird Foundation, we have recently designed and built an accessible cabinet to house bleed control kits – which can be vital in saving a life due to a catastrophic bleed. The portable bleed kit has the same emergency equipment as an ambulance, & full instructions for use.

The cabinet has a keycode lock which local ambulance services can provide to a first aider who urgently needs to treat someone close by with a serious bleed whilst the ambulance rush to the scene.

In West Midland cities, it takes an average of 7 minutes for an ambulance to get to the scene of a catastrophic bleed injury, so these cabinets (which can contain up to four kits) can be vital in bridging this gap and ensuring people don’t bleed to death in the street.

We are currently working alongside West Midlands Police & Ambulance Service to fit the third cabinet and with bleed control kit in the city, due to be featured on CrimeWatch in early February 2021.

The bleed control cabinet comes with a 10 year guarantee and is IK10 and IP66 rated.  The bleed kit is BS 8599-1:2019.

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