Responsible recycling and servicing

Posted on 26 April 2021

The positive about metal defib cabinets is that metal is infinitely recyclable.  This means that having served as a cabinet for a large number of years, it can be recycled and made into a number of different things – be that a can of baked beans or even a number of pens!

Here at Turtle we believe recycling is the final part of the cabinet journey.  If your metal cabinet is looking like to needs a facelift we have a number of different options for you:

Turtle trade-in scheme – get £50 cashback

If you trade in your old cabinet and buy a new Turtle cabinet from our range, we will ship your cabinet to you, and when the old cabinet is returned to us (you can use the box it is shipped in) we will give you £50 cashback!  This does only apply to metal cabinets, not plastic ones unfortunately as they are much harder to recycle.  If you send us an email before purchasing letting us know, we will take the money off your new cabinet and arrange collection.

Don’t forget a regular service

If you are in charge of a defib and cabinet its really important that they are able to be used in an emergency.  This means regularly servicing your defib and cabinet – we recommend a full service with report and checking of electrics etc every 2 years. View our service options here

However, interim services can be done by yourself or a responsible person in your community, we recommend this check is completed every 4-5 months. So what are you looking out for?

  • Check there is no condensation inside of the defib cabinet, that the electricity supply (if there is one) is still heating the cabinet, and that the light inside works (if you have one).
  • We strongly recommend you check the battery life on your defib and along with that, make sure the pads are still in warranty.
  • Finally, just wash the cabinet with warm soapy water and spray the lock with GT85 – DO NOT use WD40!

Funds low?

If your cabinet is in need of a mini facelift, or just needs sprucing up a little, we supply replacement stickers for the front part of the cabinet.  Not only will they rejuvenate the cabinet, but they are also reflective, so the cabinet will have greater standout at dusk or at night.  For just £42 (+VAT) you can brighten up the front of the cabinet and personalize the message. Click here for more information.

If you require any further help, do get in touch here