No electricity supply for your outdoor cabinet?

Posted on 31 August 2020

Here at Turtle Defib Cabinets we have developed an insulated, water tight outdoor cabinet suitable for areas where there is no electricity supply.  Whilst this isn’t as ideal as having an electricity supply – in some situations that just isn’t possible, so we have built a cabinet to solve this problem.

The AWC004-Ins – our locked, unheated outdoor model

This Turtle cabinet is manufactured from 2mm mild steel and is insulated.  This means It is locked but has no electronics inside that need to be powered. The external lock comes with a lifetime guarantee from the lock manufacturer and allows a customised code to either be pre-set at the time of manufacturing or to be changed at a later date by a competent person.

The cabinet can still be personalised to your needs – be that a specific colour, messages on the outside, with or without a window, alarmed and with/without a raincover.  We can even put a beacon on the defib cabinet.

As with other Turtle cabinets, it is built with a handy storage compartment on the inside for spares, mask kits, etc. The cabinet will house all popular makes and models of Public Access Defibrillators with and without their carry cases.

Areas that might need a defib but have no electricity supply

This could be a bus stop on the outskirts of a village, it could be hole 9 at the local golf course, or a local park, an outdoor activity location such as a forrest, a reservoir, fishing lake…the list goes on!   Some councils wish to place a defibrillator on the outskirts of a school – perhaps on the wall at the end of a drive – so its accessible to all, not just when the school is open.


Without an electricity supply, we would strongly recommend that the defib is serviced more regularly – as without the heating element in the cabinet, the batteries are unlikely to last as long.  Added to that, in really cold months, we would suggest the defib was bought inside, particularly at night.  If you had a window on the cabinet, it allows members of the public to see if it is in there or not.