Mini Universal AED Training Unit

£38.00 (excl. VAT)

A simple, cost effective universal AED Training Unit


Universal trainer units can help volunteers become accustomed to an AED and effectively train them on how to use a clinical AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

We are by no means suggesting this replaces accredited training when you first purchase a defib and learn how to use it –  but refresher training is vital and branded training units can cost over £800, so this is a simple, cost effective alternative.

The training defib we stock ha:

  • A voice prompt with 16 languages to choose from – so if you are in an environment where the most common language used is not English, this can still be used to train your volunteers.
  • The training unit has voice prompts
  • The LED display indicates a two-minute CPR pause time between shocks
  • Can simulate electrode pads – so can tell people where to put the pads or if the pads are not positioned right on the person in cardiac arrest.
  • Comes with a connector and trainer defib pads.