RapidStop Emergency Bleed Control Kit

£140.00 (excl. VAT)


The RapidStop Emergency Bleed Control Kit features the RapidStop Tourniquet Responder (orange) which is a leading tourniquet, easily applied by the individual using just one hand and applying much more pressure than a standard tourniquet.

The RapidStop ® Bleed Control Kits are designed for quick and effective control of serious haemorrhaging. Including the popular RapidStop ® Tourniquet, this haemostatic trauma solution offers military grade ruggedness, all age suitability and superior single-handed application.

4 x Large Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 x Emergency Foil Blanket
1 x AeroWound™ Trauma Dressing 18x10cm
1 x Chest Seal Dressing Vent
1 x Emergency Trauma Shears
1 x  Permanent Marker
1 x RapidStop® Tourniquet RESPONDER (Orange)
1 x Haemostatic Gauze 5ft Z-Fold

Bleed control kits are designed to be used by members of the public in an emergency to control the bleed until the emergency services are able to attend. Bleed control kits have been successfully used across the UK to save lives.

As with all the bleed control kits we sell, the RapidStop emergency bleed control kit is compliant to  BS8599-1-2019

The bleed control kit is provided in a handy case which can be hung in any of our cabinets or hung on a wall in an office or medical room.

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