Defibrillator Cabinet, Heated, Locked & Heartsine 350P Defibrillator & RapidStop Bleed Control Kit

£1,250.00 (excl. VAT)

All in one package to make a truly heart safe community

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  • Heated, Locked Defibrillator Cabinet

  • Heartsine 350P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

  • RapidStop Emergency Bleed Control Kit

Everything you need for a heart safe community all in one cabinet for just £1250

**Defibrillator can be upgraded to other models – please contact us!**

The Cabinet

  • IP66 rated & IK10 rated – totally water and dust proof and highest impact rating available – keeping everything safe
  • Heated – keeps the defibrillator at the required temperature all year round (Power source required)
  • Locked – Marine grade, stainless steel lock (unlocked version available)
  • 10 year guarantee from the longest standing defibrillator cabinet manufacturer on the market – our cabinets will last the test of time, no peeling paint or rusting with our cabinets
  • Flexible – our cabinets can be wall mounted, pole mounted, fence mounted or even come on a free standing plinth

The Defibrillator (Can be upgraded to a different model)

  • Easy to use with just 2 buttons for full operation
  • 8 year warranty
  • pads and batteries last 4 years (or 1 use) with a battery pack and pads costing £105 to replace, making it very cheap to maintain
  •  Carry case, pads and batteries included

The Bleed Control Kit

  • Trauma Dressing, Haemostatic Gauze, Chest Seal, Tourniquet, gloves & Scissors
  • Features the RapidStop Tourniquet Responder (orange) which is a leading tourniquet, easily applied by the individual using just one hand and applying much more pressure than a standard tourniquet.
  • Ideal for road traffic accidents, agricultural accidents, severe domestic injuries and assault